Annual Herbs

By Joyce Driemeyer Last month this column suggested the colorful beauty of prairie herbs for a naturalized site or for the perennial border. These were all native plants with a use (historic or present) whose inflorescence’s or seeds are beloved … Continue reading

A World of Basils

By Joyce Driemeyer Every seed company seems to have developed and marketed a multitude of hybrid basils. Many have fancy names, but I wonder if some are varieties of the same plants we have known for years. Sweet basil (Ocimum … Continue reading

Fragrant Herbs

By Joyce Driemeyer From spring through fall, herbs provide multifaceted appeal. They possess distinguishing scents, distinguishing flavors (culinary), and distinguishing appearances making them versatile plants. Eye-appealing and fragrant bouquets of blooming dianthus, lavenders, sweet marjoram, oregano, heliotrope, sages and basils … Continue reading

Fragrant Herb Nosegays

By Joyce Driemeyer May and June bring gatherings and celebrations for family reunions and graduations, and welcome to summer and weddings. It is a glorious time of year for gardens and outdoor celebrations. What better time of year than now … Continue reading

Herbal Tea

By Joyce Driemeyer With the extreme popularity of the April herb sales, it appears herbs have never been more “in.” Now what to do with some of those thriving plants this summer? Interest in healthful cooking is teaching us to … Continue reading

Herbs for Perennial Borders

By Joyce Driemeyer Many herbs are so versatile and floriferous that they can enhance an established perennial border. These plants are very attractive to butterflies and bees. Tall pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) with its red flowers is loved by hummingbirds. … Continue reading

Growing Herbs

By Mara Higdon Fresh herbs are essential to any gardener’s kitchen. September is the best time to divide and pot up your herbs in the garden. This gives the plants a few months of warmth to become established before the … Continue reading