Garden Mulch

What, When, Why and How to Mulch Your Garden As soon as the ice-cream trucks disappear in the fall, taking their incessant recorded “HELLOOO” with them, the mulch trucks fill the void, and homeowners across the region repeat the ritual … Continue reading

Eating Local Food

In her book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, author Barbara Kingsolver recounted a year in which she and her family resolved to consume virtually no food that wasn’t produced within an approximate 60-mile radius of their new home in rural Appalachia. The … Continue reading


By Mara Higdon Ahhhhh… Garlic! Used around the world for both medicinal and culinary purposes, garlic is very simple to grow. There are two categories of garlic: hard and soft neck. The garlic you buy at the supermarket falls into … Continue reading